Fredrick Misewe wrote: “This small bragging Mr Mutua with your position is not adding up. You would have gotten your passport then you be silent about it since it is not your mandate individually but a national mandate. We can say MAYBE your were issued passport because of your position in the government which might have been lobbied. Stop bragging and work for Kenyans.”

Ssemakula Mukiibi had this to say: “Just remember: The country you are so happy to go to is full of LGBT and atheists, and you are not allowed to ban them there.”

Lowry Denzel Odhiambo said: “Please bring me some snow when you return… ?”

NO HOMO! Ezekiel Mutua Now Bans The ‘Lesbians’ Party

Mwanzia D Mwanzia posted, “Your issues of LGBT rights can be addressed in a more mature way, even me I don’t like them but we don’t go yapping about other peoples lives as long as it doesn’t affect others.”

Meshack Mutinda Musyoki: “Diplomacy is not political or religious correctness but rather the willingness to agree to disagree. Live and let live.”

Njeri Kimani wrote: “Ezekiel Mutua I still think there is a lot to learn, like just because you don’t understand something it’s not justifiable to hate or campaign against it. Just saying.”

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