Catherine Waruguru
Catherine Waruguru

Kenya is an amazing country. We care more about legislating bedroom behaviour than we do dealing with the bane of our country, corruption.

This past week, a Jubilee politician discovered how far an establishment can go in trying to police what people do in the privacy of their bedrooms. Catherine Waruguru was denied entry into the Sunshine Hotel, when she and her husband failed to produce their marriage certificate!

What! In this day and age? Yes. The two had already booked themselves into the hotel on Saturday at 4 P.M that day. When they came back at 9 P.M after a family outing they were barred from using the facility.

Catherine Waruguru
Catherine Waruguru in a past event

Guests who do not prove they are married are not allowed to share a room at the hotel. According to reports by Standard Media, she said:

I checked at the hotel at 4pm and filled the registration card which I indicated my name and my husband’s name and was given room 402.

But would they be allowed into the establishment later on? No. After two hours they were forced to leave as the hotel would not back down. Waruguru is however not happy with how the affair turned out. Catherine Waruguru added the:

My odd innocent question before Kenyans is that where in the Constitution or County Government Act states and reads that any female or male who may wish to spend a night in any given room in any hotel must produce a marriage certificate.

Me, I agree with her. Who do the hotel think they are. As long as the customer pays the charges for the hotel room and is not unruly( i.e; destroying hotel property) leave them alone. There is a reason for doors, to keep in and keep out. Rather obvious if you ask me.

This brings to the fore the issue that afflicts us all, priorities. If a politician who was known to be corrupt had wanted to stay at the hotel, I am sure he would get the red-carpet treatment but a man and woman who want to spend time by themselves is an offence to the sensibilities.


My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I’m right -Ashleigh Brilliant.

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