On Friday, May 5, 2017, Citizen TV’s presenter Willis Raburu broke the hearts of many.

He and his then fiance, Mary, walked down the aisle in a low-key wedding ceremony.

Their wedding was attended by a few family members and close friends in Runda.

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The young couple is happily married and they recently opened up on the intricacies that went into their big day and honeymoon.

Willis Raburu with his wife Mary Ngami
Willis with his wife Mary Ngami

In an interview with Kathy Kiuna on Woman Without Limits, Raburu revealed that it took him long to propose to Mary Ngami. He said this was because he couldn’t raise enough to buy the ‘right’ ring.

I started planning on buying an engagement ring. I saved towards it. But every other time I would say: ‘This is the day [I am getting the ring]’, I end up realizing that the money wasn’t enough.

He went ahead to explain;

I would go to an Indian jewelry trader’s shop, and the seller will be like: ‘The kind of carat you want on your ring [is expensive]. So, you have to add money’. I was forced to postpone my engagement multiple times. My wife would suggest she was getting impatient with my delay. Finally, I engaged her and we had a beautiful wedding.

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Raburu, who also doubles as a radio presenter and the host of teencentric TV show 10 over 10 also talked about their ‘disastrous’ honeymoon.

He said that on his big day, he had to pay half of the honeymoon money because he didn’t have enough money on that day.

Our honeymoon was a disaster. I was paying for our honeymoon on the day of our wedding. And, making it worse, I sent half the money that was needed because I did not have enough cash with me on that day.


So, there was no activity at the junction… So, ni kupendana tu like a brother and sister oh.

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Mary Ngami recently launched her new clothing outlet @stylistmp.

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