And Yesterday, during his state of the nation address, two things stood out about President Obama’s speech. One, the fact that he took some rather awesome shots at Republicans who were jeering him and the second is what he actually said about women’s rights.

He was addressing the inequality in pay grades between men and women and some guys have already turned it into one of those inspirational quote pictures:



And trust that Kenya’s strongest female celebrities, the type you would normally associate the word “independent with have commented about it. I collated what they had to say and here are some snippets:


“Winning Material right here!!!”

Carol Radull simply posted the speech itself in a show of support:


And Caroline Mutoko had this to say:

Avril had this to say:
I totally agree. I believe any state should commit to any economy that generates rising incomes and chances for everyone who makes the effort. Our Children need to believe in what our parents taught us… Hardwork pays.