Kenyan Money

Kenyan celebrities are some of the most hardworking around, but sadly, unlike their Ugandan or Tanzanian counterparts, they do not get to enjoy their sweat; money is still a major factor.

That is why in Kenya, we are yet to see an artist who has been around for more than a decade retire. We usually just move on and forget to let them know that they are now irrelevant. And this is cruel. How many times have we seen an artist struggle to keep the limelight, especially when it is clear that they are way past the prime of their fame?

Kenyan artists give us huge hits, impact even the language we speak and the way we dress, yet return home to their shacks.
We go out, download their jams, stream their music on YouTube, enjoy their performances at events and clubs then drive home and leave them to catch a matatu back to the squalid conditions they have come to accept as their home.

Kenyan artists have largely moved on from the days when they had to borrow clad from stalls or borrow their friends cars. We have artists making ends meet but not quite like the River Road crew!

A friend of mine broke down the math rather well. The trick is that River Road artists practise price discrimination efficiently. The guy who I want to use as an example is Muigai Wa Njoroge. He will charge as little as 50,000 when necessary and then charge as much as 300,000 for a corporate gig. And the result? Check it out for yourselves:

river road star's house