Brenda Wanjiru is the name of Kenya’s sexiest police officer. Actually, unless you see her in her uniform, you wouldnae believe she is actually a police officer sworn to uphold the law.

She was first discovered courtesy of thirsty Kenyan men who knowing they cannot reach a position where they would interact with and perhaps have a chance with her, preferred to pedestalize her.
But cest la vie.

Anyway, I am actually impressed she has taken this long to flirt with publicity. She has decided to star in a song. Sadly, it’s not a ratchet song filled with twerking *insert sad face*.

As you can see, the song is titled Nipende Mimi and was done by Idd Aziz. What I really liked about it is the fact that she maintained a respectable frame throughout the video, portraying the quinessential African woman love interest. Check out the song.