It’s only 13 days into January 2019 but it feels like we are already in August 2022 with a week to the general election… With all the political drama and theatrics any person who visits Kenya for the first time will think elections are happening tomorrow. The political heat is off the charts, with all sorts of cliques and squads coming at each other from #TEAMITAELEWEKA to #TEAMTANGATANGA.

Uhuru Kenyatta

But the team that’s making the most noise with no affiliation or focus is #TEAMWASHENZI! The strange thing about this team is the fact that they have no clear agenda #TheRaverend, like many Kenyans, is confused.
We don’t know kama washenzi are just upset because they feel insulted or if they have any political ambitions. Last I saw them they were wailing and praying to God to deliver them from ushenziness!

I hope the next time the President decides to call anyone shenzi or otherwise he will be specific so we can avoid the confusion that we are currently witnessing!

Away from politics to Kenyan music, where some artists have come out to cry foul, claiming radio personalities and DJs do not support them. My colleagues and I have been branded sellouts and traitors! All I can ask artistes is to stop being activists without an agenda. Who said Kenyan music is bad? Who said we have no content? Those are just excuses.

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#TheRaverend believes in effective communication. Making noise on social media is a non-starter—a hashtag will not change the Kenyan music problem! Our music is not a charity case, so let’s stop begging for support and instead encourage each other to believe in our music, consume it and live it! How do we do that? All stakeholders in the industry (artist, producer, promoter, radio presenters and DJs) need to speak with one voice and show the honchos—the media owners—the value of promoting and playing Kenyan music to their business. Let’s show them the financial advantages because at the end of the day they’re running a business and the only language they talk is profit!

If we get the media owners on board, we move to the government where we push for legislation that will support the Kenyan music agenda for years to come. Insulting each other and writing long posts on social media is a waste of time, space and bundles. Let’s focus and be objective and the consumers who are the Kenyan people will see value and will automatically love Kenyan music… Let’s avoid sideshows, smoke-and-mirror tactics, and deal with the real issues! Let’s discuss issues in totality not just issues of play and forgetting issues of pay. All these issues must be discussed in tandem! We can’t fight for play and ignore the pay; the struggle is one!

Kenyans have been used and abused for so long that we don’t know whether we’re coming or going, developing or regressing, we should start a docuseries called Surviving Kenya... The reason why this happens is that we are complicit in the abuse. We let ourselves be shafted, but this is a new year and we need to be woke. We need to say no to any form of shafting. We have been played for far too long and enough is enough!

ION I would like to conclude my fireworks by celebrating my big brother, my mentor and the guy who lived a full life; who made me understand how to operate and survive in the entertainment industry.

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The one man who took Kenyan music international when I was not even an idea. The guy who brought Kenya Safari Sounds, Poxi Pressure and Mercy Myra: BRUCE ODHIAMBO aka Brother.B, the Gentle Giant, true trailblazer and the coolest dude I ever hang out with. Rest in Power Bro.B. The good you did and the many lives you changed will never be forgotten. The Entertainment Commander-in-Chief!