It is unusual to have a chance to talk to the president, scratch that; it is absolutely apalling to bump into the country’s most powerful man nonchalantly going about an evening walk – by the road – unguarded.

President Uhuru spotted having a walk about town with no bodyguards

In a moment captured on a video that has since blown up, hashtag Selina and Pascal Tokodi has been trending on Twitter after famed Kenyan actor and singer Pascal Tokodi had that stroke of luck when he sighted the president casually strolling about from his car.

A stoked Pascal took the chance to greet the president and implored him to watch famed Swahili soap and telenovela – Selina, which he stars in.

For someone accustomed to being gushed on for his looks, Tokodi finds himself in strange terrain as he receives censure from a flurry of flak on twitter for beseeching the president to watch the show.

Kenyans on Twitter argued that Tokodi was so trivial and had spurned the opportunity of a lifetime to talk about more important issues like; BBI, curfew, economy et al.

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Renown investigative journalist Denis Onsarigo wrote, “These boys have no respect though, how do you tell the country’s most powerful man to watch Selina?”

One user argued that, “you have one moment with the president and all you ask is, “Ona Selina Maisha Magic East” compounded with laughing emoticons.

A fraction of netizens came to Tokodi’s defence but the wispy support was overwhelmed by critics.

KOT is a Kenyan posse on Twitter mostly famed for their brute criticism.

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