Linda Gaitho

Veteran journalist Macharia Gaitho’s daughter Lisa Gaitho is trending on Twitter!

The girl child has spoken for millions of women out there, who are afraid of speaking.

The lass, who’s dating a Nigerian tycoon is known for flossing her flashy lifestyle on social media and always traveling, has given her two cents on relationships and she nailed it.

In her latest video titled, How to get what you want from your man. The vlogger has advised women to respect their men. Lisa Gaitho went ahead to tell women to be submissive to their husbands and try to do good things so that to make them happy. In her video, she said:

There are certain things that you will do and a man will be like ‘that chic is the best.’ He will never let anyone rubbish you. If you do something and someone comes and tells him he will always defend you.

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To earn such trust from your man, Lisa says you should be willing to do anything.

For example, if he wants to take a bath, literally go and wash him. Srub him. Don’t let him do anything himself. Clean his ears, everywhere like how you would wash a baby. guys do that. Dry him, apply lotion on his body, dress him. Such small things make men feel special.

Lisa’s remarks have ignited mixed reactions and

Qstrin: In summary be a duster and get paid 🤣 Ladies work for your own so that you won’t have to wash men to live a good life. Lmaoooo

Tracy Okello: Submission is Key to a Guy who is Down for you. The Truth ❤

Ryota: The only 2 people who can argue with Lisa Gaitho are Huddah Monroe and Vera Sidika….the rest of y’all mnapelekwa Naivasha kulala kwa tent za crayfish under freezing weather conditions…mtaosheana crayfish?

Nyaga Innocence: Clean even his ears…dry him… 😂

Laureezy: Yaani wazazi wako walikupeleka shule hizo miaka zote ndio uende kuogesha watu Nigeria?

Jumanji: Rule number one in life, in my opinion, is DO NOT DEPEND ON ANYONE! You basically described relationships as transactions VERY unequal transactions…SAD!

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Bambi: If you haven’t watched Lisa Gaitho’s Vlog on “how to finesse sponyos”. He’s a summary of what you need to do.😂😂

Wambui: I disagree with Lisa Gaitho when she says you have to wash your man ! …. Why ? Why treat a man like he is disabled? but its her opinion and I respect it …

Njoki Jessica: See I don’t understand what the fuss is about Lisa Gaitho’s video,…i’d wash and feed my Man boo in a heartbeat.

Edgar: Just watched Lisa Gaitho’s latest video and what I will say is, To you future bae; for me to decide to commit to you forever DON’T baby me, put on my socks, was or serve me food on a tray. Love me unconditionally, support, challenge, respect and make me laugh. We will be just ok.

Lencer: Lisa Gaitho amesema you wash your “ozband” if you want that lifestyle you can’t afford.


Kiruti: You guys will make Lisa Gaitho get an ad offering from Aerial for muosho moja tu!

Maria Atwoli: Most Of You Are Doing These Things Lisa Gaitho Does For Your Broke Boyfriends On the low.. Alafu mnakuja kumbash Online!