It has been a subject of heightened discussion over the past three or so weeks. So far, the government decided to “crack down” on betting companies and it feels suspect. However, Kenyans know better.

It is a no brainer that attacking betting companies is counterproductive. These companies generate a lot of revenue which is needed by the government.

Kenyans aren’t easy to fool though. A good number are still making money and having good fun at it. There are companies that are licensed and are committed to providing service. OdiBets is one of them and they’ve got the hook up

Meet Rodgers Ochieng, a lucky man from Narok who won Sh1,014,467 on OdiBets. He won it in two separate bets on OdiBets and he recently joined OdiBets after the closure of some betting firms in the country.

Being an unstoppable Kenyan with prowess in betting, he scooped a cool Sh.560,667 and then three days later, he scooped Sh453,800 on multibets. That was on 30 teams and 22 teams respectively. Rodgers placed the first bet with Sh250 and then won the second bet using a stake of Sh.20,000

“I intend to use this money to buy land and construct a house for my mother in Rongo and also to pay for my Engineering course,” a happy Ochieng said.

It follows that Kenyans are likely to place their wagers with betting companies whose licence were renewed after the government declined to renew licences of 27 other betting companies insisting they comply with various regulations.

Besides being committed to giving customers an enjoyable “gaming experience”, OdiBets has stated that they are committed to giving back to the society by helping develop sports in the country.