Mighty Salim

Comedian Togno Togno is regretting not communicating with Mighty Salim, who called him a few days before he died.

Togno shared a screenshot of his last conversation with the Mugithi maestro singer, revealing that he [Salim] called him but he was asleep and couldn’t receive his calls.

Below is the screenshot

Togno comedian

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I wish I called earlier, He called me at night, but i was asleep, I wish ningeskia that call, go well my brother but nĩwathiĩ na ihenya mũũnjirũ wa mbarĩ ya mũthotho. RIP Mighty Salim,’ read his post.

The post didn’t go well as Kenyans came out fire blazing, blaming Togno for not being a ‘true friend’. Check out the comments

Shiko Shiko  From date 15 to 24 and u wished to call him, your words betray u, anyway, RIP Salim

Eric Sanchez Nyoike You are showing up your betrayal from date 15 to 24 you are still asleep

Maggie Nas Fake friends everywhere,useless,u didn’t deserve to be on that phone book😒,,Shine in n ua way Mighty😢

Reachel Shiks Take heart everything happens with a reason so dont take any blame, let Munjiru soul continue RIP untill we meet again 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Paul W Maina From date 15 and today its 25th and you never called back to date?hau nî woora,pull the screen shot down, crocodile tears.

Njeri Wa Mwangi You wished you called earlier, you had time,some of us needs advice or a word of strength,nway,niahuruke uhoro

Wainaina Wamary What friend are you for? Riu niurecirithia na ngoro? Riu screenshot ino ni ya mwiganithio kana urenda gutuonia atia? Fake friend… Rest well Salim…

Mč Junîor Kê Rest in eternal peace Mighty Salim.

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