A few hours after the Churchill show was abruptly interrupted due to “unpalatable” content, Comedienne Zeddy took to social media to appologise. Fans are like ‘Braa, braa, braa sitaki kusikia.’ Here are the most savage of comments… Ghai fafa!

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Zeddy recognised the error of their ways and posted,

“Usiku Mwema #polenisana.”

Here are the reactions…

Jane Kinyua Was a disappointed viewer today…lots of adverts and show lasting only for 30mins…wakwende there was nothing to laugh about today when we were all glued to our chairs waiting for MC Tricky who never showed up..Nkest.

Lucie Lucie OK its comedy yes but I think it was insensitive coz so many people are dealing with that mwk n child upkeep…

Eric Mwiti Such a stupid prank by Zeddy. Churchill Show is wasting good talent.

James Mwangi hio advert ndio matiangi husema ni monkey biznes

Georgez Blessed Myze This was crap I missed my favorite comedian tricky coz of ujinga.

Stanley Amukoa “when the gods want to finish they first make you arrogant then make you mad”

Anne Laurah Uongo she can’t do that honestly kwa show that was rather stupid than an advert


Churchill Explains Why The Show Ended Abruptly. Fans Are Pissed Like Hell (Candid Comments Inside)