Stalker. photo credit:
Stalker. photo credit:
At some point in life, we have dated people who wouldn’t move on after the breakup. Some ended up being stalkers for one reason or the other.
Simple as it may sound it can be a traumatic experience as one has to constantly keep looking behind their back.
In the past, media personality Sheila Mwanyigha had talked about how she was stalked for more than 10 years.
Her stalker would even send her long handwritten letters saying that God had assured him she was the lady he was to marry.
Nana Owiti, wife to King Kaka was also once kidnapped by an ex, something that left her badly traumatized.
Some Kenyans shared how they were staked and below are their experiences
foreverprincess975: He used to wait for me on a daily basis kwa bus stop by 7am on my way to work.
Then he would follow me mpaka job trying to talk to me and because I couldn’t stand him I just started screaming “mwizi mwizi” that’s when he at least reduced but he still stalks me after 22 years lol.
hellennjoki84: Nilikua na shuka stage namuona ananifuata mpaka home ikabidi nitafte beshte yangu boy ani escort daily
prettylucky93: I went to the police he was a lunatic…blocked 5 numbers of his na bado he said he wanted me back…it was a scary time of my life😱. I am cautious of who I date extra picky.


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