Pastor Nganga has been trending all day.

Kenyans on Twitter have started making fun of his angry rant directed at his bishops and congregants.

“This time around I will show you my power…. Any woman who will not respect my wife…… You found me here with your wives, you have enriched yourselves from my efforts. Stupid…. arrogant…….. I was preaching on a cart…. I swear before God I will show you who is Ng’ang’a…,” the preacher said.

Read the rest of the vitriolic rant in the link below.

‘Stupid, useless, arrogant bishops!’ Pastor Nganga rants on the pulpit 

Kenyans in the Twittersphere won’t leave the angry man of God alone, they have come up with hilarious memes and videos depicting the situation at hand.

Check out some of the ones we found super hilarious.

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