laikipia car

Laikipia county took advantage of the 6th Devolution Conference to display its invention – a tuk-tuk type of vehicle called ‘BJ-50’. However, many Kenyans on social media did not think it was up to par.

Governor Ndiritu Muriithi said the ‘tuk-tuk’ can carry up to seven people and costs Sh450,000. It also has a cruise speed of 70kmph, according to an article on the county website.

But Kenyans were not impressed with the vehicle and took to Twitter to make fun of it. Some said the Mobius car invention was way better.

Here are some of the comments:The

@Early_Kneeq: Hii labda target market ni hao wasee wa smokies nje ya clubs 3 a.m…

@Bad_boy_nattsHii unadungwa sindano ya tetanus ndio atumie

@Jay_MureithiHii ukikanyangaRead more here brakes unakatwa na mabati, unakufa arafu unapata accident.

@udaduda: Nyayo cars 1986 were much better . Go back and continue where they left.

@NaphAmbetsaLooks like a car out of the Flintstone cartoon. Does it have a clockwork engine?

@anthonykipchumb: Am interested in one, how much does it cost and does it have a reverse gear?

@NgwiliSenior: But ain’t this smokie and sausage trollers?

@eric_kinyanjuiThe wheel was invented a loooooooong time ago; why are we trying to reinvent it again?

@Stevodrinx: Who is supposed to buy this car. Can this car pass an inspection. What safety features does it have. (All are rhetorical questions) Hii upuzi mtaacha lini lakini? Hamjui tumechoka?

@damwaweru: Wewe hujaona mamboz.. We are building lions in the city.. Som1 say amen.. Soon will see dinosaur walk right out of devolution conference..

@KolumEmmanueleven zinjanthropicus poisei* could never thought of starting invention from this corner!! This should be made local news prissss

@Tush83290451: Are you referring to the toy car shown or there is something we havent seen? Must be a joke of the year!

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