Depressed. photo credit: doctor murray

Kenyans have continued to talk about the struggles they are going through this COVID-19 pandemic.

While some have lost  their jobs others have lost their loved ones and their marriages.

*Ken narrated,

‘I am a certified Accountant with 15 years experience and Currently sleeping in the streets.

I also recently lost my mum and a Sacco she was in has refused to release her benefits to us.

People are really going through a lot.’

*Stacy narrated,

‘Currently a friend Of mine has been thrown out by her husband alongside her two kids.

She has nowhere to go so I told her to come live with me.

Whatever little I have ndio tutashare.’

*Kate said,

Maina imagine being jobless and having a Son looking upto you?

Things are very tough.’

The discussion was based on a video of former Tusker Project Fame participant Alvin Gatitu who was locked out of his house.

According to Gatitu he came back after a long day only to find his house locked, his calls to the landlord went unanswered.

He also had his electrity and water disconnected for a week and a half.

Share your story, it might help someone.

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