KPLC employee
KPLC employee. photo credit: KTS Kenya

KPLC made Kenyans a very disappointed lot yesterday when a national blackout affected the entire country. The power outage was so bad that even neighbouringΒ Uganda was not spared. Hehehe!Β  As you would well expect the clamour that descended on social media about the incompetence of our national energy supplier was funny.

KPLC logo
KPLC logo. photo credit: kenyans

Laughter is the best medicine and in times of intense stress, laughing and joking about the situation you find yourself in can be therapeutic. I have compiled some of the best reactions from Kenyans on social media on the happeningΒ yesterday. Some are humourous and some are very thought-provoking. Darkness is coming!

Darkness meme
Darkness meme. photo credit: DIYLOL

Kenyans find a way to vent, even at the best monopoly in Kenya, KPLC.

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