I just love Kenyans! They are great people and hardworking. Whenever they get an opportunity to do business, they for sure do not waste the chances. Well, as the 2017 general election nears, people have started campaigning for their respective candidates so that come next year, they will win.

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But despite the campaign strategies, where aspirants give out T-shirts, caps, headgear and even wristbands bearing their names and photos, next year’s elections seems to be more than that. Men might be lucky; they will get an extra “gift”, which is boxers, if the photos of underwear bearing the stylish Mombasa governor’s name is anything to go by.

City hawkers are already selling this underwear, and this has left Mombasa residents confused whether the merchandise is legit or not. But many have been buying them, a clear indication that come next year, Hassan Joho will retain his seat. Is the merchandise legit or is someone just trying to make money using Joho’s name?