This is the second time in as many weeks that a photo has surfaced of Victoria Kimani looking worse for wear. This time, however, I have to say that the makeup just wasn’t well done. 

This is the one photo Victoria Kimani doesn’t want Kenyans to see of her

That little fact is magnified when you realize she reportedly has a deal with Maybelline cosmetics… How someone with a makeup deal has to deal with so bad a makeup job is actually a thing that befuddles me. And incase you think I am exaggerating things, you need to see some of the comments that accompanied the photo and actually see the photo for yourself:

And Kenyans took notice:

K-Dub ThePresent michelle ndio amechoma na kupost picha haiwezi

Mohamed Ali Dhali I don’t know why you hating. But we still celebrating her Win. People who share things to break people are probably the ones broken most.

Myke DaVinci