Homosexuality in Kenya is illegal. Most LGBT live in fear. On Sunday, CNN presenter Richard Quest joined hundreds of worshipers at Jubilee Christian Church in the city to give thanks to God.  He was given a chance to speak by the founders of the top church; Bishop Allan and Kathy Kiuna.

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A post of JCC Parkland’s official Twitter account read:

We welcome @richardquest to fellowship with us this morning @JccKenya. May God minister to you as fellowship with us today.

Richard Quest

This ignited mixed reactions among Kenyans and below are some of the comments:

Jackson Wanyama: To a club like JCC, a gay in their attendance is more celebrated than Lord Jesus. Note I called it club not church

Richard Quest

Michael Kyale: Seriously? we have allowed Mr. Quest who is GAY, without any apologies/repentance to speak on the pulpit? Something not right here.

Ken Ogutu: Quest means business

Sari ball: Hii Church hadi kuna kiti ya VIP.

Koimet: Hope you told him unrepentant gays are headed to the lake of fire for all eternity and that he should repent.

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Gordon Opiyo: Bishop Allan Kiuna and Kathy Kiuna, preach the Gospel of Christ. Today, they allowed Richard Quest, someone that has openly confessed to be Homosexual, to be in the pulpit. The same Church will chase anyone that confesses to be a polygamist.
Mzungu sins are elevated and Mwafrika “sins” are condemned.
Anyway, this is a new low in the publicity seeking Gospel Churches.

Richard Quest

Clan Sewe: I hope you realise he is a self declared homosexual

Njenga wa Muthaka: Haha look at your churches embracing gays in church.
What do you gain from the PR?
More tithes? Popularity?

Sabina Onyango: In Kenya so long as you are a foreigner then nothing is impossible.. They love and respect foreigner than their own..

Holly Kenyan: A Kenyan, born and raised who is a 100% a church attendant and never misses a church service have never been given a chance in the same church to say hi!!! Richard Quest has been given a VIP sit and 30 minutes worth of airtime and first time church attendant

Truth Generator: We have allowed thieves and murderers in Kenya to speak on the pulpit for years. Why is this suddenly a problem

TTywin Lannister: God does not condone same-sex relationship…. Here you’re parading a self-declared gay on the pulpit.

KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua commented’s on Richard Quest visiting the city based church. He said;

If Quest’s main mission was to highlight life-changing ventures and innovations in Kenya, then today he was in the right place. Reverend Kathy and Bishop Kiuna are the true exemplifications of the Kenyan spirit of self-belief, resilience, hard work and faith. They have conquered many odds to be who they are today. Like or hate them, the Kiunas have influenced millions. No one can deny the fact that the Kiunas have given hope to many youths. Theirs is the true story of audacity of hope. Quest may be gay, but he is a top-notch journalist who can sense newsworthy stories with unique angles.