In the recent past more and more Kenyans are losing their lives in the hands of cruel murderers who are baying for blood. These yet-to-solved murders cause anguish in the process.

Below are some Kenyans whose brutal murders shook the nation.

  1. Monicah Kimani

Her gruesome murder has shaken even the coldest of hearts after her lifeless body was recovered in her apartments in Kilimani where she lived alone.

The body of the 29-year-old woman was found in her posh apartment with her throat slit and her hands tied.

Monica Kimani
The late Monica


Family members called detectives to Lumuria Apartments, on Kitale Lane off Denis Pritt Road, after they found the body of Monica Kimani dumped in a bathtub and the water still running.

The alarmed relatives had broken into the apartment after Monica failed to pick phone calls, she was killed after returning from South Sudan where she was running the family business.

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2. Sharon Otieno.

Before her death, she was a Second-year student at Rongo University. Sharon’s body was found dumped in Kodera forest after being abducted alongside Nation journalist Barrack Oduor.

Sharon was seven months pregnant before her body was found with 8 stab wounds that were instantly fatal to her unborn baby.

Sharon Otieno
The late Sharon Otieno

It is also alleged that Sharon might have been raped before being killed in what has been termed as a love triangle gone wrong.

3. Ivy Wangechi

Ivy who was a medical student was hacked to death by her boyfriend Naftali Kinuthia. He used an axe to hack her in broad daylight.

She was only 25 years old.




4. Mercy Keino

The University of Nairobi student was found dead under unclear circumstances after being invited to a party where former Kiambu governor was a guest.

Mercy was found by passers-by on the left lane of Waiyaki Way about 100 metres from the St Mark’s Church in Westlands in Nairobi.

The former governor has since been absolved of the murder.

The late Mercy Keino
The late Mercy Keino

5. Careen Chepchumba

The lifeless body of Careen was found in her Kilimani apartment. The former Kenya Power employee died after being strangled by hired thugs.

According to Chief Government Pathologist Dr Johansen Oduor, the ever-smiling girl bled from the eyes and neck due to pressure exerted by the assailants.

At the time she was dating former media personality Louis Otieno, who was later arrested and charged with the murder.

6. Sheila Njeri Murage

The latest victim is Sheila Njeri Murage whose lifeless body was found in a flower bed at Santonia court Kilimani.

The cause of death was established as trauma from a blunt object, she was also sexually abused.

Sheila Njeri Murage


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