Almost all Kenyan women want to get married to wazungus, and no, it can’t be because of the okofuaf, African men are uncomparable. So we asked our fans and people who are married to wazungu, and their answers were quite interesting. 

So why would ladies leave our tall, dark and handsome men for Mzungu?

1. They Are Gentlemen – Apparently white men are the real gentlemen. I mean; the guy who will pull a chair for a lady, open doors for her and even help her put on makeup. These are things very few Kenyan men can do.

2.  They Spend On Their Women – Every woman wants to look good, live in a posh house, drive a good car and most importantly get everything she wants without any restrictions. Unfortunately, only white men can do this. Only white men can take their women out for a date from Monday to Monday.

3. They Are Romantic – Very few Kenyan men can actually hold their women’s hand while walking in town. To white men that’s nothing; they will take their women down to Diani for a sundowner while sipping some expensive wine, then later go for a romantic play together.

4. They Want Mixed-Race Babies – Some of our fans think that, the main reason our girls are going crazy over white men, is because they want mixed-race babies (Cappuccino babies). Could this be a reason?

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5. Chap Chap Visa! – In this generation, who wants to struggle? No one. It is fro this reason that our women are trying all they can to trap that white man so that they can get a visa easily. I mean, who has time to go and waste at the embassy?

6. They Are Loyal – White men are supposedly more loyal than Kenyan men. Do you agree with this notion? Maybe it is true, but we will have to ask a Kenyan lady who is married to a mzungu.

7.  Recognition And Bragging Rights – Evidently, there are ladies who just want to be seen around a white person. They want to be associated with them, get premium access to different places any ordinary mwanainchi can’t.

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