By definition, naked means: not wearing any clothes or not covered by clothing. That is only as far as a human being is concerned.

The old video of Embassava manambas striping a woman at the stage has created quite the uproar and I personally believe that to be a good thing because then it creates discourse on the matter. However that said and done, allow me to direct our attention across the pond to America where a woman in Chicago is trying to get the right to walk around half naked:

In August, Sonoko Tagami was ticketed for daring to go topless — save for some strategically-placed body paint — on the Chicago lakefront. Now the bare breast activist is now suing the city, claiming its indecent exposure laws are unconstitutional.

According to a lawsuit filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court, Tagami was given a ticket for violating the city’s indecent exposure ordinance while participating in an event with GoTopless, a group that advocates for women’s right to go topless in public on the basis of gender equality. In a recent administrative hearing, she had been fined $100 plus $40 in fees.

Her lawsuit slams Chicago’s ordinance as “impermissibly vague” and an “unconstitutional infringement on rights secured by the First and Fourteenth Amendments.”

Tagami is seeking unspecified punitive damages, according to court filings, but her suit may be part of a larger GoTopless strategy to take down Chicago’s anti-bare breast ordinance altogether.













Source: HuffPost