I had the interesting opportunity of partying with East Africans; a Burundian, two Ugandans and a Rwandese. As we spoke about a wide array of topics, we found ourselves talking about dating, and as it always happens, we begun talking about dating and relationships, and boy was it an eye-opener. I got to find out what East Africans think about dating Kenyans. So what I am going to do is to break it down for you.

Kenyan Women

According to our fellow East Africans, Kenyan women are crazy.

crazy woman
I couldn’t believe my ears. “How so?” I asked. And soon everything was made clear as crystal.
1. Kenyan women beat their men
Whenever the reports come in from certain parts of the country, East Africans receive it as Kenyan women. So the stereotype is that Kenyan women beat their men to a pulp over the most innocuous mistakes.
2. Kenyan women can’t cook
According to the Ugandans I was talking to, Kenyan women are lousy cooks. The food we eat is as bland as styrofoam. What do you think? Do you agree?
3. Kenyan women do not take care of their bodies
The men all agreed on this one. The question is, “How does an 18-year-old girl have a pot and tires?” That chips diet I tell ya!


Kenyan men

On this one, they agreed on one thing: Kenyan men are rough around the edges. Absolutely no finesse whatsoever and no romance. I have actually heard this complaint from Kenyan women as well. Apparently men from Kenya are too obsessed with making money to care about the smaller things in life.


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