Single mothers go through ups and downs especially raising kids on their own and dealing with all the motherhood responsibilities.

One lady by the name Silver Furaha Gaita poured her heart out about the day to day challenges faced by single mothers.

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This is what she said yesterday on Father’s day:

”single parenthood is a little like the race issue. A while person can’t call a black person “n*****” and cannot claim to understand their experience. If you’ve never been a single parent (especially those who are not even parents yet), don’t sit there on your moral high horse playing Oprah and telling single moms to “get over their bitterness”. What do you know about having a full time job, attending school meetings, paying for fees and trips, dealing with house girl drama, being passed over for promotions because you can’t pull the hours others are.”


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The woman in question, Silver Furaha Gaita had an issue with people looking down on strong women especially the cyber bullying on social media. This was her take on the issue…

”Before you open your mouth and try to be disrespectful to these strong men and women and imagine you have all the solution to their problems, what do you know about society always being mistrustful because you will steal their wives and husbands ? Or about unending loans and overdrafts? Or explaining to your kids why they have no one to send wishes to on Fathers / Mother’s Day?”