Whitney And Dominic

Dear Kenyan women and men, please keep your private matters away from social media. Not everyone wants to know what happens in between your sheets. Some are not even happy for you. Stop parading your life on social media because the day you will break up, everyone will know your whole story. Well, remember the famous Facebook couple Whitney and Dominic, now the two are involved in nasty breakup…

The two used to document every detail of their lives on social media just to give their followers a glimpse into their everyday comings and goings. From sharing photos of them in the kitchen preparing meals to showing us their bedroom, this couple left many green with envy. This was just a brief summary of who Dominic and Whitney were.

As we speak right now, there is trouble in paradise. Dominic and Whitney’s relationship is on the rocks. They broke up recently and unlike mature couples who call it quits and go their separate ways without having to drag people into their failed relationships. On the contrary, the two love birds decided to air each others’ dirty linen in public. They posted negative stories before parting and before the page was deleted, their fans had already taken screen-shots of their accusations during the nasty breakup.

“This page will no longer be about Whitney and Dominic. This page will be used to warm men and women for the signs of narcissist. They pretend to be great. They lure you in. They are masters of manipulation. Often nobody will understand whats really going on.She will probably hate my ass for doing this but i cant let it go anymore without consequences. I’ve broke loose from this abuse the countless empty promises. The lies. The cheating. The blackmailing. The sadism. The isolation. The embezzling of money. The insulting of family members. The theft of personal belonging. The threats. Breaking up with her was the best decision i could have make. Life is beautiful. We need more good people on this earth. This is for all people who have been victim of these individuals speak up or never be heard. Look for red flags before anything. Lesson learned. Have a blessed day all.”

Read one of the posts by Dominic. Check out the screen-shots;