In the previous article, I highlighted on what local YouTuber can learn from Bethany Mota, a truly successful young lady who has launched her own fashion line, She opened her Youtube channel, Macbarbie07 back in 2009. AĆ©ropostale, a leading fashion label in the US houses her stuff. She does recipe videos, DIY tips, make-up and shopping tips.

Last week our colleague Chege met with key people from Google to learn from them how to leverage the power of YouTube as a content creation channel. Here are some of the tips that successful Vloggers like Bethany Mota use to create conversations with their audience:

1. Video should not be more than 10 minutes. Attention of YouTube viewers starts dropping at 5 minutes. So make sure your videos are not full of irrelevant footage that makes the viewer want to move on to the next coolest hit song they heard in the matatu.

2. Sound has to be crisp. The picture can be grainy but the sound has to be top notch. You know why? Because no one wants to waste time trying to figure out what you’re trying to say. Imagine opting to watch a blockbuster without sound and going out clubbing; you’ll end up going out to be honest. So, do this, invest in making your videos nice to listen to.

3. Don’t concentrate on increasing YouTube views but concentrate on increasing subscribers. When you have a loyal following, you won’t even have to hustle to get your content out there; your fans will be happy to share and talk about your cool video with their friends. So yeah. Just do the necessary. The people at Google said it.

4. Get a camera stand for cell phones and cameras to avoid shaky videos. A tripod can be as low as $ So get that too; if your video is whack no one will want to watch it till the end.

5. Put well detailed descriptions in all your videos. If you tell your audience exactly what the video is all about and that they will gain from spending their time on it, they’ll surely be thankful for the practical knowledge gained and they’ll even share your piece proudly. So always keep that in mind.