Vera in Maldives
Vera in Maldives

Kenyan socialites all have one thing in common: they all go to Dubai.

It is such a mystery why most of the socialites choose Dubai for their ratchetry. Well, here at, we have the tea on what exactly makes Dubai every socialite’s prime destination.

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  1. Guys pay for girls.
    Who says chivalry is dead? From flights to accommodation and the girls favorite, food. The average bill for two people plus drinks usually ranges from  $300 (ksh30,00) to $410(ksh410,00). This will definitely excite a socialite because the zeros count for them.
  2. The party life.
    Men in Dubai are known to throw heavy parties. Socialites like parties for the purpose of pictures on social media. Most of these men are rich but married so they would like to keep a low profile. The VIP room is their preferred spot. The minimum amount spent is $2,190- $3,280 (ksh219,000 to ksh328,000) per table.

money money money

The two above are what makes them happy and satisfied. Most Kenyan socialites have been linked to selling their cookie for money. Well, if the men can spend all that on food and drinks, you can only imagine the amount he will pay for the cookie.

A list of some of them that have been to Dubai include:

  1. Vera Sidika

2. Bridget Achieng

3. Huddah Monroe

Huddah in Ibiza

4. Corazon Kwamboka
Corazon Kwamboka5. Risper Faith