It was a drama-filled weekend for Willy Paul. On Sunday night, he was alerted by the guards that a lady was trying to forcefully enter his house.

According to the father of one he was shocked to find out that the lady in question was non other than the famous Shakilla.

‘I have a house in Kileleshwa, and investments in Ruai,’ Reveals Shakilla

According to an OB number shared by Willy Paul on his social media platform, the incident was reported at Mlolongo police station.

‘Hi I would like to address an issue that occurred yesterday at my residence at around 12 midnight.

The estate security noticed a lady at my gate that was forcefully trying to enter my house ( she did ).

They informed me immediately and I went only to find out that its the ” Famous Shakilla”. I immediately reported to the police and she was arrested for trespassing.’

Willy Paul added that he no longer feels safe, asking his fans to keep him in their prayers.

‘I have also handed over the CCTV footage and a few popular names of the people she mentioned she is working for to the authorities for further investigation.

Kindly put me and my family in your prayers, its not safe for me anymore. Be blessed.’

Taking to her social media Shakilla wrote,

‘I am under detainment. Trying to reach my lawyers with the little time I have access to my phone. Hope all will be well.’

Shakilla recently caught the attention of many after going live on Instagram and mentioning names of people she has bedded.

‘Shakilla is suffering from an identity crisis,’ says motivational speaker Sam West

Among those mentioned were celebrated footballer Victor Wanyama who threatened to sue Shakilla for defamation.

The 19 year old lass further added that Wanyama even paid her a whooping 700K which she used to invest in Ruai.

It seems Shakilla is a magnet for drama despite her tender age.

We can only wait and see how this goes coz both Willy Paul and Shakilla love attention.

How did Shakilla know where Willy Paul lives?

Why did the guards let her pass the gates if they had never seen her there before? Couldn’t have they called Willy Paul first to ask if he was expecting someone?

Why would anyone who wants to hurt Willy Paul use Shakilla? These are just a few things that don’t add up.

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