The month of 67 days is finally over and the excitement is all around. Massive! Especially for Kenyans, it’s been a long, hard month …we now welcome February. Short, sweet and full of love.

Talk about love, Valentine’s Day is around the corner (for all the men who are pretending they’d like to forget, 14th February is on a Tuesday.

However, we’ve got an even bigger, better plan for you to warm up your spouse and it’s happening on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd February 2017. The much anticipated show ‘All Of June’ by the amazing June Gachui. She’s turning her album, ‘June At 20’, into a never seen before musical

By the way, if you haven’t got your tickets yet, here’s the link >

There’s gonna be a lot of Kenyan performers watching this show as they celebrate the end of the 67 day month. Here’s what they had to say about ‘June At 20’ and why they’ll be watching ‘All Of June’ in the next two days!

Angie Gachui - All Of June


Valentine Njoroge - All Of June

Suzanne Gachukia - All Of June

Mariam Abdulahi - All Of June

Karen Leteipan - All Of June