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A Kenyan pastor has seen the dangers of social media first hand. The man of God is called Omwenge was exposed for his lascivious ways by a woman he had slept with and not paid.

If the screenshots are anything to go by, the pastor from PCEA Mwea decided to scoop the church offering for a good time with the lady in question. He apparently booked a lodging where after a fun session, decided enough was enough and bolted, leaving the lady in the room.

Run Away meme

The thirsty pastor was exposed for his conniving ways in the most dreaded places online – a Whats App group. The leaked screenshots were accessed by  and reveal a disgruntled female who decided to expose the pastor for his devious ways after she fell for his thirst trap.


Pastor Whatapp Group chat


The incident fizzled out until the following morning when the man of the clothe decided to greet his congregation via the popular platform WhatsApp only to be attacked by the lady who was also in the same group.


The phrase hell hath no fury like a woman scorned describes the actions of this particular woman.

Scorned woman
Scorned woman

Ma pastor jichungeni ama lipa bill.


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