Jacob Otieno, popularly known as Jacky B, is one of the most sought after music producers in Kenya.

The Rotten Kenyan Gospel Industry: Popular Producer Accuses Artistes Of Stealing From His Studio

He has worked with some of the biggest gospel musicians in the country including Jimmy Gait, Daddy Owen, Size 8 and won many accolades.

Some of the notable hits he has produced include Vanity, Kazi ya Msalaba, Mateke, Furi Furi, you name them.

When he is not in studio working on the country’s next big hit, Jacob is probably at home with his wife Brenda Michelle.

A few months ago, the couple welcomed a bouncing baby girl whom they christened Iman Atemi Otieno but their joy was dampened by the passing of his adopted mother.

Speaking to a local media house, Jacky B said that as much he was elated about welcoming a newborn into his family, news of his mother’s passing shattered him.

“Words can’t express how I feel right now because a day after I welcomed my beautiful daughter, I also lost my mother; the woman who brought me up after the death of my parents early in my childhood,” he said.

Well, time has passed, wounds have began healing and their daughter has also grown up so it fit to share some photos of the producer’s family with you.

Looking at the photos, you will also agree that Jacky B is one man with such an adorable family.

Here are the photos:

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