The debate on if Kenyan Dj’s should pay has generated a motion and the war between musicians and them seems to be at its peak; it’s not ending anytime soon.

Beef Alert! Kenyan Musicians And Djs Go To War

This seems to have angered many and a young disgruntled Kenyan man Stephen Koyo couldn’t hold it anymore but jot down a letter to Kenyan musicians. Below is the letter go through

“Kenyan music, MCSK, PRISK-KAMP….really??? I was listening to E-sir and Krupt the other day while I was in a mat and it took me back….I was really young when E-Sir died. At the time I liked his music because it was the in thing. But now that I really understand the art I feel bereaved. I still morn his death because he was an amazing talent, extraordinary even. I don’t think we have had anyone close to the likes of E-Sir since then. His rhymes were sick. His hooks were killer. I am still in amazed by his talent to this day. R.I.P E-Sir & Krupt….your memory lives on. You are forever immortalised in your music. On the subject of Kenyan music and MCSK, PRISK-KAMP, where did we Deejays go wrong? I feel like kenyan music has dumbed down. I know that this days a song has to be catchy and have sick beat for it to be a hit, but when did that become the licence for Deejay’s to play songs with stupid lyrics? When did that permit talentless wanna be to call themselves kenyan artists??? This is shameful! That is why the kenyan music industry will never sore to the heights of Bongo in Tanzania or will never rival the Niigerian or Ghanaian music industry. Alot of the time we want to blame other factors for the glass ceiling that Kenyan music has hit. It has alot to do with the kind of music we produce. The people who realise this are doing well even in the international markets. Take OCTOPIZZO, #Sautisol for example they don’t have silly nonsensical songs and they are playing in Europe and other places in the world. They are doing very well for themselves. No one will take you seriously if you don’t take yourself seriously! Music is an art and for you to succeed you should treat is as such. We have people like P-Unit who have an occasional silly song like “Wekaweka” but they respect the art by being on point skills wise on that song. Its a fun track but you can appreciate the level of talent that is evident in the artists on the song. Even the song “you guy” as silly as it may be shows that they respect the art hence why they went on to be nominated for awards for that song. So, Kenyan artists and MCSK, PRISK-KAMP , what am I trying to say? Before you go blaming other people and Deejays for your lack of success outside Kenya, look at yourself first. Are you taking yourself seriously enough for the rest of the world to take you seriously? #MyThoughts #GameUp #PullUpYourSocks #Tag_a_Dj #ForTheLoveOfKeMusic_AndItsGrowth ..#IveWorkedWithTheBestOfBothSides_DeejaysAndMusicians_I_UnderstandTheHustle.”