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The film industry in Kenya has really grown over the years with films extending boundaries, not running just locally but also internationally.

Here are some of the local dramas which are a must watch.

1. Selina

Selina is a telenovela that tells the story of a poor girl and a rich boy. It is a romance based telenovela between Selina and Nelson.

The Telenovela drama series won an award in the Kalasha award 2018.

Now on its third season, Selina is still a household name and is still a hit from the day it first premiered.

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2. Aziza

Aziza is a Swahili telenovela produced by TV duo, couple Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdallah, through their production company Jiffy Pictures.

The Telenovela is one of the most sought out shows that everyone is watching.


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3. Maza

Maza is about a woman who turns her best friend into a cat just so she can steal her life. The show brings to life the supernatural and superstitious intrigues that the coastal city of Mombasa is known for.

Maza, a TV drama and telenovela, was a nominee for Kalasha awards after amassing a large following of fans after it premiered on our screens.

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4. Pete

Pete is a Swahili soap opera that has got people talking.

The telenovela is about a chief who needs to be succeeded by his two sons and that is where the struggle begins in the drama series.

It follows a series of events littered with strong emotion from enmity, hate and revenge which threatens to ruin the bond of brotherhood over their quest for leadership.


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5. My two wives

This TV show is about two things, ‘when modern meets traditional’. This drama series is definitely the talk of the town.

The local drama show focuses on a man who marries two women, one who he is forced to marry and the other who he marries by choice.


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6. Plan B

The show is centred around a woman who is dumped by her boyfriend and during a night out she ends up sleeping with a stranger.

She later finds out she is expectant but her pride cannot allow her to look for the man she had a one night stand with.

The main characters are Sarah Hassan and Daniel Ettim.

Plan B

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7. Sue and Johnnie

The TV show is centred around a capital offence that is committed that then draws unwanted attention to the main characters, Sue and Johnnie.

Things get extremely rough for them throughout the drama series. This is one of the most watched local comedy show that will make you laugh from the moments the show begins to when the credits go up.


8. This is it

The show revolves them around Nick Mutuma and Dede (Nigeria’s Chiagoziem Nwakanma).

This is it

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