Valentines Candy
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Valentine’s is a day that many men would rather see go the way of the typewriter. One of the reasons for that is the pressure and expectations that are usually placed on the male species during this time.

People, scratch that, women expect the men in their lives to go all out to wine and dine them on this day. Don’t forget that the day happens in the middle of the month, right after the rough and tough month of njaanuary!

But many ladies don’t seem to care about the crazy logistics of the day and most demand the best from their men. And the best is usually code for spending a lot of money.

Stories of investing and planning for the future are not welcome on that day, with many ladies throwing a fit if the man fails to mark the day.

But what about the men? Who will care for them on this “grand day”? Does it not take two to tango? Is love not a two-sided affair?

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Can’t women also treat their men on this occasion? We will argue why they can and should. Among lions, the males normally feast before the females who have caught the meat have a chance to eat. Ladies should follow that example and show their men some love this Valentine’s.

So what can the ladies do for their men tomorrow to make him feel special? We interviewed a couple of men to find out what they would want from their women on Valentines, their suggestions are below:

  1. M-Pesa your man some cash, preferably nothing less than Sh1,000
  2. Invite a friend over for a threesome -a twin would be preferable. The man who gave this answer did so with a straight face.
  3. Buy your man an IPhone X.
An IPhone. /CommonsWikimedia

3. Cook a nice homemade meal, something traditional. This one was a particular favourite for many men. And no, we are not talking about pilau Njeri!

4. Be home early for extracurricular activities (you know what we mean).

5. Buy your man a car, boxers or a watch.

6. Take your man out on a dinner date.

7. Give him a proper massage after work.

8. Give him peace. Don’t start fights on the day of lovers

9. Buy him a PS4

PS4. /CommonsWikimedia

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