Men are very smart. They know the way to women’s pants and will do or say anything so that you can give them access to your gold mine.

From promising you the whole world (but where do you think other people will go to if he tells you such? Can you stay on earth alone? ladies, at times you just have to be smart and tell off men who use such tactics) to buying you cheap gifts that cannot even match the price of your kidney, men will do anything to sweep women off their feet.

Married men are notorious when it comes to cheating and they have mastered tricks za kuingiza madem box.

He will tell you sweet nothings, promise you heaven just to get in between your thighs and once he accomplishes his mission, he will dump you like rotten garbage.

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Well from ‘I wish I met you before her’ to I don’t love her’, here are the phrases Kenyan men use when chasing after your cookie.

  1. Unajua nlimwoa juu alishika bol yangu, na akuna vile ningetupa damu yangu😬😬😬😬 father lord!!!

2. I wish I met you before her

3. Just give me time nitamwacha

4. Nmekaa na yeye ju ya watoto tu lakini simpendi

Shocked meme lol
Shocked meme lol. photo credit:file

5. Nitakunyandua mpaka kifo

6. Unaeza lea mtoto wangu

7. Your honeypot ni tamu kuliko ya bibi yangu

8. For now, I respect my wife but you are the one I love

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9. My wife went abroad, and got married to another guy

10. Even the kid she has isn’t mine

11. She’s a bad cook and very dirty

12. Amekwamilia kwangu nimemwambia aende but amekataa

13. Ako na mimba siwezi muacha saa hii

14. You’re the only woman who makes me happy

15. She’s not my type

16. Nataka unizalie

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17. Nililazimishwa kumuoa

18. I’m waiting for the right nimwambie simpendi/namucha

19. Yeye anajua jua tuu kufa mende

20. You’re very beautiful than her

21. Unajua kujimentain na yeye amejiwachilia kama mama mazee

22. Kama si mamangu singemuoa