A  Kenyan man left Maina Kageni in shock after confessing how his woman dumped him for a stranger in a club while they were in Naivasha fora retreat.

This he revealed during the morning discussion on Classic 105.

According to *Mike* he was betrayed in a way he never thought possible.

‘I took my girl to Naivasha and we went to a club,I then stepped out to go to the washroom and when I came back she was nowhere to be seen.

On asking a few people who were seated close by they told me that a friend of theirs had taken her to a room.

She went to bed with a stranger,I just came back to Nairobi.’

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*Titus* narrated

‘My girlfriend cheated and I forgave her and moved on like nothing happened.

Then she did it again and I decided to let go.’

*Fred* advised

‘I think every man should now take their woman to Naivasha and see if they have been cheating.’

Another added

‘Where do you even find the energy to forgive someone who has cheated on you? I cannot naeza kumaliza.’

Have you ever been cheated on  and if yes how did you react when you found out.

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