To date or not to date; that is the question.

I wouldnae date a single mother and I wouldnae advice any of my nephews to either. That is a strong statement right? Maybe not strong enough. Allow me to reiterate:


Why would I say that? Well, because it is true. My mentor, a man whose sum total existence is greater than mine is (although I am working to surpass his by the time I am his age) recently taught me the real reasons behind why no self-respecting man ever dates a single mother.

He gave 4 compelling reasons why and I decided to share them with you. check them out below

#1. You are not and will never be a priority

No man wants to date a lass who is not going to see him as a priority and with a single mother, you will never be a priority. Actually, according to my uncle, this is abit of a catch 22 because if she does make you a priority, you do not want that (she will be neglecting her child for you).

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Shocked meme. photo credit:

#2. You have no parental rights over the child (wasted investment)

When you date a single mother, unless you are a psychopath, you will grow fond of the child -especially if the child is either young or well behaved. But what happens when you break up? Can you imagine dating a single motehr for 5 years then breaking up? The child leaves with her and you will be nursing the longing to spend time with someone who in essence became your child.
And add to that the fact that you will have sunk alot of your time and money into the child and you will begin to see this for what it is, a scam.

#3. They have piss poor judgement

A single mother is single for a reason; poor judgement in mate selection. You see, women are the custodians of reproduction. Unless she was raped or is a widow, she chose her mate poorly and that is why she is single and with child.
No self respecting man wants a woman with a proven track record of poor decision making skills in his life.

#4. The spectre of the baby daddy

He is an ever present force even if he is nolonger in her life. No man should subject himself to being measured on the scales against a deadbeat. It actually gets worse if he is involved in his child’s life because now you ae constantly measuring yourself up to him. Add to that the fact that the single mother might still be harbouring ideas of rekindling what once was and you could have compounded an already tenuous situation.

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#5. The children view you as an impediment to their parents reconciling

Young children will always want their parents together. So when you get involved with a single mother, they begin to see you as the reason why mummy and daddy cannot get together -cognitive dissonance. And chances are, they are simply amplifying a statement or attitude their mother has.
And then they start acting up and you cannot discipline them. Why? BecauseĀ number 2 up there addressed this.

#6. They are always the victim

Have you ever known a single mother to admit to being the reason they are nolonger with the father of their children? No? Don’t feel bad, neither have I. And in their narratives guess who the big bad wolf is? That’s right. Now when you start dating such a person be sure you will have to constantly swoop in to save the day. And dating the damsel in distress gets old fast.
Add to that all the emotional scars you have to nurse because she chose her partner poorly and you will constantly be playing hero.

#7. They are damaged

Do I even have to explain this one?



Everyone has a right to an opinion; MINE!