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We here at recently asked  Kenyan men who follow our Instagram page for any nuggets of advice they had for the Kenyan women as regards relationships.

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The comments came hard and fast. They were interesting and I would say very educational. They are below:

Giovanni Montana gave out some scholarly advice with:

If you have narcissistic personality disorder (mild, full psychotic), stay away from relationships. They won’t work. If you’re an empath, find a fellow empath. That’s why most relationships are not working. Empaths vs Narcissists.

barbermandelaafricca was very direct with this comment saying:

Don’t be stupid.

vikkietaj spoke to women who felt that trapping men with “accidental” pregnancies:

The days of Trapping us with kids are long gone….. The more a Lady Fucks different guys the more she losses value………

iam_mcqwory felt that relationship advice from friends might not be the best avenue saying:

Stop listening to your single friends. Thank me later.

lewismaina_95 shared the same sentiment writing:

Get out of that circle of having ur mom, sister, brother, aunt giving u rlshp advice. Stand behind ur mans family n forge new relations with his family.

bmuga17 advice related to the bedroom area advocating for a no clothes policy in the bed:

As you proceed to bed remove your pants for a healthy relationship

alugah_victor was crass and brilliant at the same time saying:

wacheni umalaya

derrickmuikia was on the same vibe as victor simply saying:

Sex will never keep a man value ur self

mwendwa_the_james advocated for all the broke ninjas out there saying:

Stick to your broke niggas..sponsors will destroy your life


Ladies do you agree with this wonderful advice from the brilliant thinkers above?

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