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Prophetess Monica disgraced herself when she showed her poor skills in the kitchen. Kenyans were livid with her but I wasn’t.

Prophetess Monica

Why? Because many men are suffering in silence under the hands of many more women who can’t cook to save themselves.

I will even throw a 20 shilling wager that more young Kenyan men are better cooks than many of the young Kenyan women we have.

While these may be an unpopular opinion, our country is facing an epidemic of women who can’t cook if their lives depended on it.

From speaking to a few Kenyan men I compiled a few experiences some poor men have had to undergo while dealing with women who can’t cook.

They are:

Cooking meat  terribly

The colleague who told me this story is a romantic and a poet. He described the woman who cooked for him the terrible meal as an angel. Flawless in all facets.

But shock on him when she cooked for him. The stew looked like broth and a layer of oil was floating on the surface. Yuck! It was no shock that this relationship did not last long.

Cooking rice

One colleague spoke about how the rice so badly cooked it resembled porridge!

Burning meat and the house

Another said that the woman he was with took the term roasting to a whole new level after she nearly burnt his house while trying to cook some meat.

Undercooking ugali that tasted like flour

My colleague was so horrified by the ugali the woman had made that they had to order a pizza.

Cooking pancakes that became the colour of soot 

This particular colleague gave this experience while laughing. The woman overcooked the pancakes and started blaming him for the mishap. She apparently said:

Ziutokea vizuri nikiwa home. Sijui shida ni nini na huku kwako?

Cooking fish with the scales and innards still intact

This traditional Luo man explained his nightmare at finding out the woman he was with such a bad cook. He immediately threw out the food and bought omena that he personally made.

Rice makes another appearance

The colleague who related this experience to me is still scarred by the experience. Apparently, the rice that had been cooked was so hard, it could be used as a foundation stone!

What do you think? Do you have any more horror stories like this?

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