Maina Kageni

Prominent radio personality Maina Kageni has blasted some Kenyan men who are known for being stingy with women including their wives.

According to Maina Kageni he does not understand why a man would refuse to spend on a woman yet still claim to love her.

‘I think you (Kenyan men)  are bewitched. You go out with a man he asks for the bill and he removes a wad of Ksh 100,000. 

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Maina Kageni

But when you are ask for money he will respond that. ‘Hii ni ya kubuy vitu kwa hardware’. Ladies Please ask your men for pocket money every month and tell me what they say.

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Maina’s sentiments came about after some men came out to defend themselves saying

‘Maina no man is broke. if a man does not spend on you it just means that you are not worthy of him spending his money on you.’

Wakanai also asked women to learn not to keep asking for cash.

‘Women should learn not to ask for cash, If I take you maybe to Njuguna’s for some nyama kula na ubebe na tumbo. Sahau hii story ya kuitisha pesa,’ Said Wakanai

What is the highest amount your man has ever spent on you ama unangoja siku ya kiama?

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