Popular Kenyan stylist Jackson Irungu prefers being called Miss and not Mr anymore. This comes barely a month after American television personality and Olympic decathlon champion, Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner broke the internet after revealing that he would now be a woman (Read the story below)

Kenyan Celebrities React To Bruce Jenner’s Transition Into A Woman

Jackson announced to the public that he would now be referred to as Miss. Jay and even posted photos of her new self. Of course, many people have criticized her, but hey, I guess she’s a strong woman.

Here’s Jay’s caption after posting photos of his “transition” on social media.

Feeling like I have been living in the wrong body for as long as I can remember. Finally decided to open up to the word! ‪#‎Transitioning‬

Check out the photos below and leave your interesting comments below.

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