Huddah Monroe
With her blonde wig/weave?

Being a socialite seems to be a well-paying job.

You live a life many can only dare to dream of.

From globetrotting around for business meetings to sleeping in some of the most expensive hotels in this world, this job needs someone who is patient.

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Anyway, Huddah Monroe, who once represented Kenya at the Big Brother house, is the most liked socialite around many can emulate, maybe because she exudes the ‘girl next door’ vybe.

By this I mean, Huddah makes a point of walking around in the CBD, visiting Kibera Slums and always dining with local Kenyans.

Many Kenyan men have always confessed their undying love for Huddah and there’s this special one who has a huge crush for the yellow-yellow socialite.


This lad has been posting photos of Huddah Monroe on his Facebook account some of which he has photoshopped himself into.

Funny enough, they get a lot of likes more than his own pics which attracts very few people.

Is it real love ama ni ujinga tuu?

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Here are photos of man who claims that Huddah Monroe is giving her sleepless nights