People cross dress for different reasons, for some it’s the nature of their job for others it’s just for fun.

For some people it’s a way of expressing their personality and most times other people do not take it well.

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Here are celebs who have cross dressed in the past.


The ‘Mama’ hit maker left tongues wagging after rocking his wife’s dress and heels.

This he did just to get a reaction from Kenyans who have been poking their nose in his relationship.


Back then when he was a co-host on KTN, Shaniqwa whose real name is Kelvin Mwangi would cross-dress.

Not out of fun but because his job demanded him to.

He would even apply full makeup to finish off the look.

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Now that he is not hosting anymore he has gone back to his manly looks.

Eric Omondi

Nothing Eric Omondi does catches us by surprise anymore.  He has worn dresses on so many occasions.

The funny bit is that he has a body to rock those dresses and heels.

His makeup is also always on point making most of us ladies look like amateurs.

Below is a photo of him in tights and a wig.

Peter Nyongo

Peter Nyongo, son to Kisumu governor Peter Nyongo and sister to Oscar award winner Lupita Nyongo is a cross dresser.

Not once nor twice has he attended public gatherings in outfits many would brand as similar to a dress.

Not even the trolls have stopped him from doing what he loves most.

Peter Nyong'o