Whenever we think of lawyers worldwide, we think of them in prim and proper suits with serious attitudes and a no-nonsense/greedy approach to getting a clients money. Hehehe! They are everywhere like roaches and who needs more of those.

But there are those lawyers who are trying to buck the trend. They want and seek entertainment in the dull courtroom settings. One such young Kenyan lawyer decided to do so.

In a video shared widely on social media, a young Kenyan lawyer is very busy on his phone watching a raunchy video of a girl twerking is fast going viral.


The oblivious lawyer was pre-occupied on his phone as proceedings went on in what an outside person would have presumed was a busy professional doing research.

However, as it turned out, as much as he was indeed busy on his phone, he was tackling far bigger and shakier issues.


The undated video was taken presumably by the lawyer’s colleague who was seated right behind him and took the opportunity to show the discouraging nature of some of Kenya’s legal practitioners.


The video which was seen with much difficulty by is of a lady, probably an Instagram slay queen, showing off her twerking skills for the camera and the lawyer. The video is below:

Sioni tuki recover hizo billions mimi. Let's move on 🤔🤔🤔

Posted by Peter Maingi Snr on Thursday, May 31, 2018

Kenyans have since taken to social media with hilarious reactions to the shameful video. Some wrote:

Mdawida Mwakisha hehehe..hapo iko shida, wapi wale learned friends wetu

Annjeri Joseph All my learned friends we need to talk

Mutisya Joan What a disgrace in the name of a lawyer Prince Razaq For sure kupita sio uwerevu ni akili Ya kukumbuka ila ujinga uko pale pale Heri ungesomea mambo na sewage ndio uangalie zile matako hutoa PUPU

Ndocha Mugoya Jodom hii pesa ya NyS itakuwa recovered kweli.

Dennis Obura Hahaha I blame women. Now look how that woman shaking her behind is interfering with serious business 😂😂😂.

Lawyers and there antics have been well-represented on our television screens. But also the men behind the benches lose their cool. In June 2014, Florida Judge John Murphy verbally sparred with assistant public defender Andrew Weinstock.

However, it didn’t take long for the mouth-to-mouth courtroom outburst to turn in to mano-y-mano. While the actual fight happens off-screen, you can hear the altercation and from the sound of it, the judge wins.

Murphy later took a leave of absence and offered a public apology, but not specifically to Weinstock, reported Florida Today.

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