foreign parents

We take a look at Kenya’s celebrities whom you did not know had foreign roots.

One parent’s melanin together with the other parent’s milky hue has given rise to a beautiful swirl.

Here are the celebrities who enjoy a gene pool from Kenya and other parts of the world.

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  1. Lola Hannigan

Lola is born to a Kenyan mum and a German dad. Lola was best known for hosting YOLO a program that was aired on KTN.

2. Tanasha Donna

Tanasha is the girlfriend to Tanzanian artiste Diamond. She is expecting their first child together.

Tanasha is born to a Kenyan mother and an Italian dad.

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Tanasha Donn and her mum

3. Olive Burrows

The TV host is among celebs born to parents of different origins.

She is born to a Kamba mother, now deceased, and a Kenyan father whose background features a British father and Tanzanian mother.

Olive Burrows

4. Chantal Juliet Grazioli

Eric Omondi’s ex bae is born to a Kenyan mum and an Italian dad hence her good looks.

Chantal and her mum

5. Wandia Gichuru

Wandia who is the owner of VIVO is born to a Kenyan father and a Canadian mother whom she adores going by her photos.

VIVO Activewear boss Wandia Gichuru with her daughter and her mother

6. Julie Gichuru

Julie Gichuru is born to an Indian dad and a Kenyan mum who is from Kiambu County.

Julie’s dad may not be entirely white but he is from a foreign land thus he qualifies to be in the list.

7. Annitah Nderu

Anitah Nderu is born to a Kikuyu dad and a Somali Mum thus the rangi ya thao.

8. Margaret Kenyatta

The first lady was born to biracial l parents.

Kenyatta was born to a Kenyan father, Njuguna Gakuo, a former Director of the Kenya Railways Corporation, and a German mother, Magdalena.

Margaret Kenyatta
Margaret Kenyatta. photo credit: file

9. Sabina Anyango Stadler

Actress, mother and TV producer. She is best known for having appeared in Big Brother Africa and for acting on Papa Shirandula.

She is born to a Kenyan mother and a white dad.


10. Habida Moloney

Habida known for the song ‘Sunshine alongside Nameless is among Kenyans with biracial roots.

The laid back damsel is born to a Kenyan mum and an Irish dad, her dad passed away and in his memory she wrote the song ‘It Hurt So Bad.’


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