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Okay, ladies now let us get into formation!

The toys on the Kenyan roads have changed. Every time one would turn to look at the driver’s seat of a very expensive car, a man was always the one behind the wheel. Now our women have taken over. They are driving very expensive cars and they are not here to play at all.

Kenyan female celebrities are representing the women quite well. They are driving cars within the range of 5 million to 20 million.

  1. Akothee

 Mercedes AMG SL63 convertible Roadster. 

This is not a cheap car. It is worth ksh15,285,000. When Akothee says she is actually a rich, she means it.

That is not the only car she owns, she also has a Land Cruiser V8 Ksh14,200,000. This woman is no joke. Ujaluo itamuua.

She actually has cars worth ksh30 million.

2. Vera Sidika

Otile Brown’s girlfriend is also one who has been able to make due off her job. Vera owns two cars, a Range Rover and BMW X5 (the car Otile Brown has been driving). The Range Rover costs, ksh10 million and the BMW ksh4,900,000. So her cars basically cost ksh14 million.

2. Size 8

She got a present from her dear husband, DJ Mo. He bought her a Jaguar XF worth 7 Million.

3. Huddah Monroe

The queen of Kenyan socialites has two cars. We all have seen her branded pink Range Rover Evoque worth 4 million then she added an Audi Q7 worth 6.5 Million at her parking lot.

The owner of the Range however came and took back his car and he’s rumoured to be a huge politician.

5. Emmy Kosgei

She has a loving husband despite all the trolls. He bought her a BMW X6 worth ksh6,270,000.

Image result for emmy kosgei car

Image result for emmy kosgei car

6. Betty Kyalo

She had a Porshe which was apparently someone else’s which was worth ksh14,250,000. Then she bought her own BMW 320i that is worth ksh1,500,000. 
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7. Lilian Muli

She has the most expensive car among the Kenyan female celebrities that we know of. LIlian has a Range Rover Dynamic 2017 worth 18.3 million

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