More and more visually impaired Kenyans are venturing into music, sports and other careers. That was unheard of, now, they are excelling while at it, proving disability is not inability.

Here is the list.

  1. Crystal Asige

Crystal is among Kenyans who have overcome their impairment to make their dreams come true.

Crystal who lost her sight due to Glaucoma was recently featured in Sauti Sol’s new jam ‘Extravaganza’ and Kenyans are impressed.

Crystal Asige

Other songs she has done include the State of Love.


2. Reuben Kigame

Reuben who is a celebrated gospel artiste in Kenya turned blind at age 3.

He is known for songs such as Enda Nasi, Huniachi, Sina Mungu Mwingine among others.

Speaking about it in a past interview he says,

 I remember one evening after mum blessed our dinner at home, I reached out for the plate and missed it. This shocked me and everyone who was present at the dinner table.

Reuben Kigame

Watch his music video below

3. Henry Wanyoike

Henry who is a celebrated Paralympic athlete lost his sight more 24 years ago after a stroke.

Speaking about his experience in a past interview Henry says,


The celebrated Paralympic runs the Henry Wanyoike Foundation which aims at improving the lives of people living with visual impairment.

Henry Wanyoike

‘I tried so many things nothing seemed to work,’ cries Kambua

4. Mary Atieno Ominde

Mary is among the pioneers of Kenya’s gospel music. She is known for songs as Adamu na Eva and Sodom na Gomora, among others.

Speaking about how she lost her sight with a past interview with the Standard, Mary says,

When I was born, at first, everything about me seemed normal. My parents had no idea what would befall me in the few months to come.

Mary Atieno

Adding that,

It was not until I was five months old that they realised I was blind. Like many concerned Kenyan parents, they did their best to ensure that I would be able to see again by taking me to various medical institutions, including the then famous King George VI Hospital (now Kenyatta National Hospital) in vain.

‘Sharp object used correctly’ slit Monicah Kimani’s throat – pathologist

5. Denno

Dennis Kariuki famously known as Denno became a sensation after collaborating with Daddy Owen to create the song ‘Mbona’.

Dennis Kariuki alias Denno

Denno who is visually impaired has gone ahead to sing alongside Bahati.


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