It’s good to be rich.

Some people are born into rich families, pampered and sheltered their entire lives, but some people are born into middle-class families while others are born into poor families.

Being born into wealthy families is an advantage to many as it has helped open doors for them throughout their careers or we can simply say; is a bit easier on their rise to fame as they all come from wealthy families.

Meet The Rich Kids Of Kenyan Instagram: Salma Mbuvi (PHOTOS)

In Kenya, there are quite a number of celebrities both male and female whose parents were or are celebrities, and such opportunity has given many a higher chance of becoming rich.

Despite the fact that some of our celebrities have struggled to get where they are, there are some who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

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1. Salma Mbuvi

2. Julie Gichuru


3. Yvonne Maingey

4. Anerlisa Muigai

5. Sarah Hassan