The truth is treason in the empire of lies!

And I Uncle Chim Tuna have always said that I would rather be the dead truth than a living lie. So with that in mind, allow me to get right into the truth of the matter everyone else is too scared to say. ALL THE KENYAN CELEBRITIES COMING OUT TO SUPPORT DJ CREME NOW ARE HYPOCRITES!

Dj Mo Comes Out In Support Of DJ Creme

If you will support me, do so when I am right in the eye of the storm, not after the storm has broken. And this is what forms the basis of my anger. How dare you come out to support me when I am done with the drama? You can keep the industry friendship.

And DJ Mo should have known better. He blew up when no one came to help him and his wife raise funds for her mother’s medical bills. I mean, DJ mo went Ballistic.

Gospel Artists Refuse To Turn up For Size 8’s Fundraiser, DJ Mo Vows Only Help Out Those Who Came Through!

Then there was the time DJ Mo issued blanket support for Willy Paul even as he went through his mess -without a Willy Paul apology.

“No Scandals Can Bring Down Willy Paul !” – DJ MO

Man, I for one am sick of the hypocrisy and smoking mirrors in our entertainment industry. And it’s worse in our gospel scene. For the record, no one can “forgive” DJ Creme outside of his family and Halima together with hers.

The rest of the guys now rushing in are a day late and a dollar short. First, to forgive is to show that judgement was passed. Who are you as a mere mortal to pass judgement brah?

Sit down!

What DJ Creme has done in coming forth and apologizing is noble but was DJ Mo and his ilk affected? Nah brav sit down!

Chris-Rock-HUH-WTF lol

Take the whole damn bench!

This coming from the guy who refused to forgive people for not attending his fundraiser is rich! This is so many levels high on the irony meter! I am done with the entire gospel fraternity and conglomeration of noise. Then again it is said that empty debes make the most noise.

The moral of the story?

#1. Where was DJ mo when the storm was raging?

#2. Is he just riding the new wave now that sentiment towards Creme has changed?

#3. Has he forgiven everyone he was holding a grudge against for not attending his wife’s fundraiser?

Everyone has a right to an opinion, MINE!